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Your roof plays a fundamental role in protecting your home. Despite battling outdoor elements like severe rain, snow, ice and harsh rays from the sun, your roof can still last for a long time if you take care of it properly.

Some of the top tips for helping to give your home’s roof a long life include:

1. Stay on top of maintenance

Maintenance is crucial for keeping the different features of your home’s structure working properly. If you avoid regular maintenance, you will likely end up spending more to keep up with issues that need to be fixed. Roofs are built to be durable, so maintenance isn’t required that often. However, keeping an eye out for problems and fixing issues immediately can help to avoid further damage to your roof or home’s structure.

2. Watch for damage

It is essential to look for any damage that happens to your roof, as small problems can become big and potentially dangerous issues. In Ohio, the weather can change rapidly. Make sure to double check your roof after every severe storm or when it faces harsh outdoor elements. If you notice damage, whether you’re missing some shingles or there is a leak, contact Link Exteriors as soon as you can.

3. Keep the gutters clean

Keeping your gutters clean is another vital step in extending the lifespan of your home’s roof. While it may not seem like a big deal, not keeping your gutters clean can result in a variety of issues because they can become blocked so easily. If your gutters are blocked by things like leaves and debris, water will not be able to flow off the roof and away from your home. This could cause water to build up in other areas like on your roof or in front of your home and cause potential leaks or flooding inside.

4. Have your roof inspected regularly

You should have your roof inspected by a professional about once a year. This is to ensure any damage that may have gone unseen can be fixed and to identify any other unknown issues. Because not all issues with a roof may be visible, sometimes damage can go unseen until it is severe. By having your roof inspected regularly, you can make sure issues are found and fixed quickly. This helps your roof last as long as possible.

5. Trim trees that could be hazards

Trees with branches hanging over your roof can be extremely dangerous because the branches could fall. They can cause severe damage to your roof and home if you are not careful. To avoid any damage or potentially dangerous situations, it’s best to trim any sort of branches that hang over your home or even near your windows. Even small branches can fall on your roof and cause gutter blockages that can result in leaks or flooding in your home.

6. Check ventilation in the attic

Your attic and your roof work together to help regulate the temperature in your home. If your attic has poor ventilation, it may cause the roof to collect moisture that can result in structural issues, wood rot, and more. Ensuring your attic has good ventilation to allow excess heat and moisture out can help your roof last longer and avoid any buildups of moisture within it.

7. Be careful of snow and ice

Ohio winters can be rough on you and your home. In the winter months, making sure you keep up with the snow and ice that collect on your roof can help to avoid any damage that could occur. Dislodging snow that piles on your roof or gathers in your gutters can help you to avoid leaks or damage to your shingles. If you notice ice dams in your gutters, it’s also important to dislodge them to avoid water backups in your home.

Link Exteriors is your source for dependable roof maintenance, repairs, replacements and guidance. Get in touch if you have questions about roof maintenance or if you’d like help inspecting your roof for warning signs.

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